What Are Others Saying About Us?

Our office is focused on building a foundation of trust by treating our patients as special individuals. We understand how uneasy some patients can feel about their dental visits, and we know that we can make a difference by providing a relaxing and positive experience. Our entire team is dedicated to providing you with excellent, personalized care and service to make your visits as comfortable and pleasant as possible.

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This is a great place to come because making appointments is easy, the front desk staff is always pleasant, and Dr, Marganian has provided me with solid advice on my dental health and--most importantly--numbs the hell out of my mouth so I don't feel anything when he fills my cavities.

Matt M.

I moved down here from NorCal about 6 years ago. The first two years I was traveling back and forth to see my orthodontist and dentist because I liked them very much. After I finally graduated from school and got insured, I started looking for a dentist closer to me, or atleast in the same region.. after months of searching and looking at reviews I checked out Dr Vicken. I felt welcomed immediately. It also helped that the dental assistant on my initial clean up and exam was very gentle. DR vicken was very upfront and honest about what needed to be done. I also had an idea of what needed to be done prior to coming in and I wanted to confirm with him without actually telling him what I knew. I had a few cavities. & Needed atleast 2 crowns. The problem after this initial exam was that I had HMO and they only accept PPO. They made such a good first impression that I switched my insurance so that I could come here. I also convinced my boyfriend to come here and he loves it.

They send reminders of appointments so that you don't forget. The only down side is that they are out of office days of the year for vacationing but I don't mind as we all have a life and need a break from work! Anyway. I appreciate everyone in that office, they're all so personable and make my experience at the dentist as an adult better than my traumatic experience as a child!

I've done all my cleanings, cavities, two crowns and currently with them for my Invisalign treatment :). It's important to chose the dentist that you feel cares about you and this entire office does that for me!

Vicky T.

We drive almost 2 hours for our visits. Him and his staff a truly the best. We will continue going to him as long as we live in California!

Nuritsa T.

I love Dr. Marganian and his office staff! I look forward to my appointments and take pride in my healthy, beautiful teeth, and smile. He is passionate about his work and is very friendly and easy to talk to. All of his staff members are wonderful and respectful. He is the only dentist I trust with my teeth and will forever be his patient until the day he retires!

Dem Apple S.

Dr. Vicken and his staff are amazing! I came in to get 2 chipped teeth fixed and another tooth fixed and he did an amazing job I love my teeth and the work he did made me feel sooo much better. He is very kind and caring and takes really good care of his patients I would not have wanted to go anywhere else to get my teeth fixed.
The staff at the front desk are always so kind and welcoming everytime I go in and easily set up my appointments I really enjoy visiting this dentistry!


Mireya P.

The best dentist hands down the customers service the work is amazing Dr. has magic hands

Brandy W.

The only dentist you'll ever need or want.

I found Dr. Vicken just after he opened his office. I was in need of a root canal and my insurance had just changed. I was recommended by a coworker and went right away.

I should tell you that my previous dentist was in a really fancy office and passed out regular doses of pain. He told me that this root canal had to be done by an expert As it was "a hard tooth to get to" and "definitely a specialty job". So I came to see Dr. Marganian for a standard cleaning during which he asked if I wanted him to do my root canal. I answered "sure" a half an hour later I left with clean teeth and a completed root canal. The best part of it was that there was no pain at all!

Since then, my wife and I both visit the office several times a year and they take very good care of my children as well. My kids have seen Dr. Marganian their whole lives and have no anxiety at all about going to the dentist. Imagine that!

No matter your issue, this is the dentist you want on your team.

Kevin W.

I've been coming here for a few months now. Dr. Marganian is very knowledgeable, friendly and funny. The staff is super nice, professional and caring. Before coming here, I feared the dentist office but they made me feel comfortable of getting dental work done. Highly recommended!!

Rosa R.

Highly recommended dental office! They are friendly and do the best to fit you in for any urgent issue. They actually make you feel like family. Cleanings were great and other extensive dental work is handled very professionally. They care about you and your teeth. Clean offices and very thorough with COVID temperature checking and mask and glove use. Would highly recommend Dr Vick and staff.

Kathy M.

I went to see Dr. Vicken Marganian about a month ago for my annual exam. He told me I had some cavities. I got half of my fillings done last month and have another apt tomorrow to do the rest. He was very nice and so were the dental hygienists and the front desk/receptionist girls.

He is very charismatic and a great dentist. Good doctors are hard to find and I'm glad I found one!!

When he put the needle in my gums for my fillings, I literally didn't feel anything!! His technique is awesome!! He has magic hands or something!!

I had a lot of questions about the pricing of the fillings and crowns. He told me the price of everything upfront.

I would recommend this dentist to anybody.

Kiki H.

My wife had pain in her teeth and is pregnant. The dentist we took her to did x rays, found abscess, and concluded it was too high risk. Instead, his solution was to "do nothing". Thank God my cousin told me to call Dr. Marganian's office. They saw her right away, took care of her, and she can't stop raving about the experience. Thank you Dr. Marganian, I won't forget it.

Nick G.

Best dentist in town !!! Did my wisdom teeth removal here they took amazing care of me. Dr. And his staff are amazing

Monserrat Z.

Vicken is the best. Quick, painless and top quality... nicest guy in the world, too. They are very proactive, work with just about all insurance plans, send reminders to my phone, work with my schedule - they make it easy. I've recommended many people to Vic - they all love him

Steve S.

Vicken and his team are absolutely phenomenal. I used to hate the dentist, and to be fair it's still not my favorite thing on earth but he makes it about as easy and painless as possible. Instead of just sticking a needle in your gums and letting it all out he numbs them, and goes in rounds so even when you need the full numbing you hardly ever feel a thing. His hygienists and office staff are hilarious and super nice, they always have TV running in front of the chair, and they are very organized with phone reminders, and text reminders. You will be hard pressed to find a better Dentist team, and I am always happy to recommend anyone to this wonderful place!

Aaron A.

Best dentist ever! Family like atmosphere and Dr. Vicken M is the best! I started coming here about 6 years ago when I had an emergency, they didn't take my insurance so I paid cash. Even though they didn't take my insurance at the time I still kept coming back. The service, friendly staff and just the overall care is amazing! My job finally switched insurance company and I am able to visit him while being covered. I don't like going to the docs or dentist but they make me feel at ease every time that needle is coming my way.

Thank you guys for always making me feel at ease.

Martha F.

I have been seeing Dr. Vick since 2005. A family member needed an emergency procedure and while calling dentists, Dr. Vick was willing to come help us at his office on a Sunday. Over the past 12 years, I have seen him through cleanings, fillings, 2 root canals, 2 porcelain veneers, replacing old (silver) fillings and crowns, and this week he just completed my son's first dental procedure.

I grew up having tons of dental work and orthodontics. I have moved around a bit and I've had at least 10 different dentists throughout my lifetime. There is no one I trust in my mouth or near my kids' mouths more than Dr. Vick. His bedside manner is perfect, procedures are painless, and he's just genuinely a nice guy. I didn't see him for TWO years (busy with my babies), and when I returned there was no guilt about missing 4 cleanings. He just said "Hi, it's great to see you. How are the kids?..." I even went to another dentist once (just because I was working on the other side of LA and it had been so long since I'd had a cleaning). That's when I realized that I would never see anyone but Dr. Vick again. This other dentist recommended $2500 worth of work (I didn't have insurance at that time). Also, she didn't even realize that my front teeth were fake until I told her (Dr. Vick did a phenomenal job on my fake front teeth)! I brought the xrays and results from that dentist to Dr. Vick and he did his own examination, took photos, and xrays. Finaly he said that he agreed with about 1/3rd of her recommendations!

Everyone in Dr. Vick's office is kind, knowledgeable, and gentle! They really want to make sure that you are comfortable. He is fast too...I can't believe how quickly I'm in and out of his office!

Thank you Dr. Vick!!!

Stacey L.

My family and I have been with Dr. Marganian for close to two years. We were truly blessed to have been referred Hus dental office. He is very gentle, very clear with what work needs to be done and answers all questions. I wouldn't go to any other dentist.

Patty B.

Dr. Vicken is awesome!!!
I've had such terrible experiences with dentists in the past. I was referred by a friend of mine and decided to just give it a shot. The staff is incredibly friendly and helpful

Joshua K.

Dr. Vicken office and staff is awesome, efficient and very knowledgeable. I recently went in for a cleaning, it was by far the best cleaning I've ever had. Not only did my teeth feel clean and smooth, the dental hygienist schooled me on brushing correctly. Dr. Vicken preformed a quick and painless filling on me. I will be bringing my whole family to dr. Vicken office. So glad that I found this great family dentistry office in Pasadena.

Jennifer K.

So this morning after dealing with a major tooth ache I had to find a dentist. I hate going to the Dentist however, the atmosphere in this place puts you at ease. The staff is great and Dr. Marganian is amazing, not only is he extremely knowledgeable and great at what he does, I honestly felt 0 pain. I've had the worst experiences with other dentist and have always been skeptical of their work because I have never been to a dentist where I had a good experience. I really did think that no dentist was a good dentist, until I met Dr. Marganian. When my 2 co-workers, recommended me to him, I now see that they were not exaggerating about all the the good things they said. I am soooo happy I have found the perfect dentist. I am scheduled to see him again next week and I feel no fear for the first time ever. Thank you Dr. Marganian.

Ezra C.

Best dentist in town! No wonder all reviews are positive! Dr. Vicken is one of a kind ! It takes years for me to find a great dentist .His knowledge, experience,gentle touch and also friendly personality will make you feel comfortable and you will not have any stress during any procedures! I have done a couple of fillings and crowns and also wisdom teeth extractions and I am %100 satisfied! My mom also had done 2 implants and she is very happy. His friendly and caring staff will make you feel comfortable.
I highly recommend Dr. Vicken for your all dental needs!

Talin B

I have been going to Dr. Marganian for about 7 years. He is an incredible dentist and such a kind person. He always goes above and beyond and truly cares about his patients and their well being. He is the type of Dentist that thoroughly explains what he's doing and doesn't do anything unnecessary. I always feel so comfortable going to him knowing he is giving me the best care possible, I never second guess his advice and recommendations. His office is equipped with all new equipment and his staff is super sweet. I send all my family here, definitely give him a try.

nilda m.

Dr. Vic has my family's dentist for many years. The doctor and his staff are professional and knowledgeable. I've recommended several family members and they all agree that San Gabriel Family Dental Center is fantastic!

Juan V.

It has been a while i had some work done.. I've been tryi g to find a good dentist. Until my friend recommended me to dr viken. He's such a great person and loaded with energy, him and his employees this is the secont time i visit this place and i leave with a big smile on my face, attitude wise and tooth wise lol. My first session was cleaning my tooth. I was actually enjoying it cz i was being entertained too i felt bonded with the doctor and his wonderful fun employees!!!

Minas D.

Just left the office of Dr. Marganian at San Gabriel Family Dental Center feeling fine. Had a root canal and am still feeling fine. Clean office and a friendly staff. First doctor that actually made me understand what I needed to do to prevent further issues. Check him out. 5-star!

Cage A.

This is the only dentist my daughter knows and liked and she is now 19 and we have been coming here since 2003. They provide the finest care and the very friendly staff will keep you with a smile. Dr. V is very skilled and knowledgeable in dental industry because in the 11 plus years I have been here he has maintained the best of dental care bar none. If you are in a search for dental care you won't find a better provider than Dr. Marganian.

Eric L.

I started going to Dr. Marganian about 10 years ago, when my mom recommended him. I'd been going to another office in Pasadena, that unfortunately had a revolving panel of dentists, which I hated. I'd never know which doctor I was going to see on my visits.

Dr. Marganian and I "connected" immediately, and I've been a patient ever since. The staff is always friendly, and the tastefully designed office is always bright and immaculate.
Michael M., Pasadena

Michael M.

Best dentist office! Family like atmosphere. Dr Vicken and associates make you feel really comfortable. I never thought I'd look forward to going to the dentist.

Hov S.

Simply the best. Clean Professional excellent service. Nothing but the best about Dr. Marganian and the staff.

Harry K.

I love this dentist. The dentist is great. The staff is friendly. My whole family comes here. I would highly recommend. My daughter got braces and now has a beautiful smile. I currently have the invisalign. I see the dentist regularly and always have a good visit. Good people.

Janet G.

I am not surprised that all the reviews are positive, however I am surprised that there are not more. I don't like going to the Doctor or the Dentist but the atmosphere in this place puts you at ease. The staff is great and Dr. Marganian is a master at what he does. For the times I've been there, I've felt 0 pain and always left feeling better. It's been a while and I should've gone back sooner but it's time for me to schedule an appointment again.

Phenomenal service & very professional work. Every member of the team here goes above & beyond to ensure you have a pleasant experience.

Additionally this facility has the latest tech & the newest equipment, so everything is up to date. Dr. Marganian is by far the best dentist I have ever been to. He's up front & honest about everything and his hands can work miracles.

If you need any dental work done, I highly recommend this office!


Dr. Vic and his staff were awesome and my 6year old felt comfortable, they were really patient and very friendly will definitely be going back.

Aracely Ochoa

He is the best dentist I’ve ever met. It was such a pleasure experience in his office. He talks to you and treats you like family. All the staffs were very friendly and nice. Doctor and his staffs talk to me whatever they are going to treat on me little by little so that it was not scary at all. No hidden cost and reasonable price after my insurance coverage.

Serena Kim

everyone was extremely nice and my teeth feel amazing and I can’t wait to go back in 6 months!

Tiffany Vong

It took me some time to search for a dentist that cares about their patients. I enjoy my interactions with all staff at Vicken Marganian. They are all so delightful and knowledgeable in their area of expertise. I have recommend them, and will continue to recommend them to others!

Vicky Tran

Our family loves this dental office! Dr. Vick has been our dentist for over a decade. Dr. Vick made sure I had a beautiful, white smile for my wedding day, my husband became his patient, he cared for me during my pregnancies, he's seen all my babies for their 1st tooth, and continues to care for us all still. The level of care from the front desk to the exam rooms is top notch.

All the staff are very personable and caring. They feel like friends. I've recommended family to the office and will continue to do so.

Tenaj I.

I always enjoy my visit to this dentist. Me and my family have been Dr Vic’s patients for over 10 years and we have not experienced anything we can complain about. The staff are all so friendly, They give everyone undivided attention. Dr Vick’s practice has expanded over the years and there are 3-4 hygienists that work there as well. No matter what type of work you have done Dr Vick makes sure he has also Reviews all work done by others. So if you see someone else you still see him as well. This is a family oriented practice and his wife works with him as well. The office is very clean and he even serves coffee in the lobby. He is an honest dentist and does not over charge. So if you are looking around for a dentist I highly recommend this office. He will even make arrangements to work extra if you have an emergency that can not wait and if he is on vacation he has another dentist that takes his patients so you never have to been in pain

Susan Pegg

Very friendly staff and doctor. When urgent, they accommodate the patient. The clinic is clean, the doctor is very efficient with time, yet does the best work on your teeth. My whole family goes there.

Celine Bekmezian

The friendliness and customer service was outstanding. They made me feel comfortable before the procedure. The dental staff was professional and gave great care before and during the tooth extraction. Their kindness to me is greatly appreciated and I'm happy to say after living in LA for years, I have finally found a dentist Vicken Marganian DDS I feel comfortable with and will return to for the continuation of my treatment. Sincerely, DG

donald gaines

Great visit! Temperature check and survey upon arrival were efficient and necessary. Cleaning and x-ray and consult with Dr. Vick were all pleasant and good. Done in 25 minutes!! Our family has appreciated the great service, care and people here for years. The awards he wins are understandable!

Scott Phelps

By far the best dental experience my family and I have ever had. Dr. Marganian is easy to talk to, he explains everything and makes sure you feel comfortable. His office is very clean. I would recommend his dental office to anyone.

Dominick Abreu

Dr Vicken Marganian D.D.S. is one of the very best in all of Southern California! I live in Henderson NV., he was my dentist when I lived in Southern California. I travel from Nevada just because he's outstanding and the very best! His staff is amazing and wonderful!
I recommend him to all my friends and family, coworkers..

Todd B

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